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The Residence

Velker S.A has wanted to make a considerable investment in Locarno with the construction of this magnificent building that consist of rental apartments  as well as apartments for weekly holiday rentals.   
It is a first class project of high standard with top class materials such as marble, granite, windows with special glass, security doors, furniture, kitchen and sanitary appliances of high quality etc.

“RESIDENZA VIVIAN" stands out in Locarno for its modern architecture and for the functionality, light and space in each of its apartments that  consist of 1 to 4 bedrooms, here described as 2,5. 2,5.-3, 3,5 and 5.5 rooms.

The building is equipped with devices using renovable energy technology which does not use any kind of FOSIL ENERGY such as petrol, gas nor any other type of  fuel but solar power and thermal pump. It has solar panels which are used to heat up the water for domestic use. The building has furthermore specialised pumps installed to heat up the water or to cool it down in Summer using the fresh water from the lake, when the energy from the solar  panels isn't enough.
The building is insulated with an outer lining that helps maintain the temperature in the apartments, and the walls, floors and windows are sound insulated. There is the option of connecting onto the two parabolic TV satellites installed on the roof.

"RESIDENZA VIVIAN" consists of two independent blocks: Block A with 27 apartments
and Block B which apart from 27 apartments also has two offices, of which one is used by Velker S.A. The other office has 145 m2 and two parking spaces and is available to rent.
Each apartment has a deposit with an electrical connection. There are 70 parking spaces which guarantees one per rental/holiday rental apartment.

The administration of the residence is currently carried out by Velker S.A and this includes a porter who carries out the cleaning and the maintenance of the garden as well as a secretary available  between the hours of 2 pm to 5 p m to attend any queries  the tenants might have.

La Residenza Vivian ha inoltre un’ubicazione eccezionale. Oltre ad essere direttamente sul lago e quindi avere una vista mozzafiato, si trova a pochi  minuti a piedi dai migliori centri e dalle maggiori attrazioni  del luogo.
Per esempio: la Città Vecchia, ospedale, porto, Casinò Grande, Lido di Locarno, tennis, golf, ristoranti, mercati e supermercati, Cardada e Madonna del Sasso, boschi, piste ciclabili, spiagge, ….
È a pochi minuti di auto da Ascona.
Le Ferrovie FFS sono raggiungibili a piedi in 5 minuti.

Inoltre la città di Locarno è una città molto attiva, infatti d’estate organizza il famoso Festival del Cinema piuttosto che Moon and Stars (con artisti famosi da tutto il mondo) mentre d’inverno c’è Locarno on-ice con      la pista da ghiaccio direttamente nel centro della città. Questi sono solo alcuni degli eventi in programma. Se volete avere maggiori informazioni nella sezione Link troverete tutto ciò che più vi appassiona.

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